Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Venus Sings Blog Has Moved: Join Us and Please Update Your Links and Feeds

Kind of important update from

PROVIDENCE, RI - Change is inevitable, so we joined the party. No, I'm not talking about anything extreme. Venus Sings by Reza Rites is still at But for all of you invested and clever readers, you probably knew I was hosting the blog here through Well...I've moved operations to

Sooooooo, if you simply click on, you'll still be directed to the right place. But if you manually type in - or if you set up feeds or links - to, you'll be going to a site that is transitioning from a blog to a fancy archive space. Try building your feeds and updating your links simply around or around

Thanks for helping me build this space and please join me on the next phase of this Venus Sings adventure.

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